The Essential Bruce Hornsby To Be Released May 26th

Sony's Legacy Recordings will honor Bruce with the upcoming release of The Essential Bruce Hornsby, a 2-CD collection celebrating his consistently brilliant and always adventurous career. Bruce curated the set himself, and it features 29 classic tracks including previously unreleased live versions of “Mandolin Rain” and “The End of the Innocence.” He will join the ranks of timeless artists like Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, and Bruce Springsteen with the release of his own Essential compilation on May 26th. The Essential Bruce Hornsby is currently available for pre-order via Amazon.


CD One

1. The Way It Is
2. The Valley Road
3. Across the River
4. Talk of the Town (edit)
5. Rainbow’s Cadillac
6. White-Wheeled Limousine
7. Resting Place
8. Preacher in the Ring Part One
9. Shadowland
10. Try Anything Once
11. Halcyon Days
12. Song F
13. The Dreaded Spoon
14. A Night on the Town
15. Camp Meeting
16. The Black Rats of London
17. Song E (Hymn in Eb)

CD Two:

1. Mandolin Rain (live - previously unreleased)
2. End of the Innocence (live - previously unreleased)
3. Lost Soul
4. Jack Straw
5. Country Doctor (live; edit)
6. Spider Fingers (live)
7. Hop, Skip and Jump
8. Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb (live)
9. Gonna Be Some Changes Made (edit)
10. Levitate
11. Darling Corey (live)
12. Cyclone

Nan Macmillan