Bruce Contributes To New Spike Lee Movie


Bruce and Spike Lee add another chapter to their collaborative history with BLACKkKLANSMAN, Spike’s new film which opens in theaters today. Bruce created piano music to accompany scenes from the movie The Birth of a Nation.  Speaking about his history with Spike, Hornsby noted in a recent interview: "One of my deepest collaborations through the years has been my working relationship with Spike Lee, for the last 26 years. For the last ten I’ve been scoring films for him, and during that time I’ve probably written 190 different musical cues. Some of those cues have sounded like potential songs to me, and I’ve expanded several of them into new songs. So that has very clearly opened up my songwriting, mostly in the last two years. Writing 'on assignment' forces one to create, and so this has been a great catalyst for me." 


Nan Macmillan